Paper of Assistant Director ISI Held on 09 March 2014 |NTS

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Paper of Assistant Director ISI Held on 09 March 2014 |NTS

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Past Paper of Assistant Director ISI Held on 09 March 2014 by NTS
Following are the details of papers of Assistant Director ISI

Information relevant to past paper of Ad ISI will be updated here

MCQ's of AD MOD paper held on March 9 ,2014.

1) 3rd martial law in Pakistan was imposed on - July5,1977
2)Samina Baig is first Pakistani to - Climb Mount Everest
3)Sharmin Ubaid Chinoy made - Saving Face (Documentary film)
4) Karez means - Underground water irrigation system (In Balochistan)
5)Aleem Dar a respected Umpire belongs to - Pakistan
6)No of districts in Punjab - 36
7)July 11 is celebrated as - World Population Day
8)Annual savings of country are known as – Reserves
9)The process in which no heat enters or leaves the system is known as – Adiabatic
10)Forces are said be equal – Equal in magnitude
11)Basic pillars of Islam – 5
12)1/20 – 0.05
13) x-y = 9 and x+y=something-Just had to solve the algebraic equation and pair was the answer.
14)Thal desert lies between -Indus and the Jhelum-Chenab
15) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was given in 2011 Nobel prize in which category – Peace
16)Richard Hallbrooke was - Special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan (2009—2010)
17) Denouncement means –Announce withdrawal or condemn
18)Biennial means – lasting for two years
19) Carbon added to atmosphere and then removed in which process – Added in respiration and removed in photosynthesis.
20)Atrocious means – Unpleasant ,very bad
Remaining were from passages and from analytic portion.

Long Questions:
Terrorism and its eradication
Afghanistan after 2014
Energy crisis in Pakistan,causes and solutions
Internal Security (Elaboration and security measures)
Economy of Pakistan (Discuss)
Stay blessed.
ADLR paper of today is awaited,kindly update your experience.
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