Past Paper of Anthropology CSS Exams 2016

Past Papers of CSS Exams 2016, This forum of CSS Past papers consists of all past papers of CSS exams held in the Year 2016.
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Past Paper of Anthropology CSS Exams 2016

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Past Paper CSS 2015 of Anthropology

Q. No. 2. Define Culture and its major Characteristics; also discuss how the discipline of
Anthropology is different from other Social Sciences?

Q. No. 3. Discuss major Socio-cultural and psychological barriers to change.

Q. No. 4. What are the major Anthropological Research Techniques which are used to collect field data? Also discuss how Qualitative Research is different from Quantitative Research?

Q. No. 5. What are the major Contemporary Social Problems of Pakistan?

Q. No. 6. What is the Anthropological definition of Religion and its major functions? Also discuss how the primitive religion was evolved?

Q. No. 7. Describe the theory of Social Evolution given by Lewis H. Morgan & E.B.Tylor.

Q. No. 8. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following:
(a) Acculturation & Enculturation
(b) Emic & Etic
(c) Endogamy & Exogamy
(d) Consanguine & Affine Relatives
(e) Ethnocentrism
(f) Neolithic Culture

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