General knowledge about the Religions of the World.

General Knowledge about all over the World Relevant to Mountains,Rivers,Oceans,Deserts,Airlines,Nobel Prize etc can be discussed here
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General knowledge about the Religions of the World.

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General knowledge about the Religions of the World.

Following is the brief general knowledge about the different Religions over the World. By reading this you may be able to answer questions about religions of world. Questions and Answers about Religions of the World.

1. Before Islam the Religion of the majority of the Arabs was Idolatrous.

2. The Religion which believed in the oneness of God befor Islam in Arab was Hanfa.

3. Religions are divided into three groups of the Mongal, Saami and Arya.

4. The Group of religions Known as Saami includes Islam, Jewish and Christianity.

5. Confucius, Taoism, Shanto Mat Buddhism, Islaf parust Mangoli .

6. Zoroastrianism religion has been included in Parsi.

7. Win is not prohibited in the Religion Zoroastrianism.

8. Name the god of virtue in Zoroastrianism was Ormuzd.

9. The pioneer of the religion Zoroastrianism was Zoroast.

10. Jewism is based on Notion of Tauheed and Nation that Israelis are favorite and liked ummat.

11. Jews called Called Hazrat Oozair (A.S) the son of God.

12. The religion which claims Hazrat Essaaa(A.S) as Prophet is Christianity

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