Cities on River Banks

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Cities on River Banks

Post by Asif » Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:38 pm

• Venice stands on the river Arno.
• New York is located on River Hudson’s bank.
• Budapest the capital city of Hungary is located on the bank of river Danube.
• Agra is located on the bank of Jamuna River.
• Paris is located on the river Siene.
• Montreal is situated on the bank of river Ottawa
• Calcutta is situated on Hoogli River.
• Belgrade stands on the river Danube.
• Rome is located beside the river Timber.
• Attock lies on River Indus.
• Baghdad lies on Tigris.
• Bahawalpur lies on Sutlej.
• Basra lies on Shatt-al-Arab.
• Bedford lies on Danube.
• Berlin lies on Spree.
• Bonn (Germany) lies on Rhine.
• Brussels (Belgium) lies on Senno.
• Budapest (Hungary) lies on Danube.
• Cairo lies on Nile.
• Kolkata lies on Hoogli.
• Chittagong lies on Karnaphuli.
• Dhaka lies on Boori Ganga.
• Damascus lies on Barada.
• Delhi lies on Jumna.
• Hyderabad (Sindh) lies on Indus.
• Jhelum lies on River Jhelum.
• Kanpur lies on Ganges.
• Khartoom lies on Blue and white Nile.
• Lahore lies on Ravi.
• London lies on Thames.
• Mosul lies on Tigris.
• Paris lies on Seine.
• Rohri lies on Indus.
• Rome lies on Tiber.
• Tokyo lie on Sumida.
• Sukkur lies on Indus.
• Washington lies on Vistula.
• Wazirabad lies on Chenab.
• Dublin is situated at the mouth of river Liffey
• Moscow is situated on the bank of river Moscow.
• Khartoum is situated on the bank of Nile River.
• Bhawalpur is situated at the bank of Sutlej.
• What city is at the mouth of the Menam river- Bangkok

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