Seaports General Knowledge around the World

General Knowledge about all over the World Relevant to Mountains,Rivers,Oceans,Deserts,Airlines,Nobel Prize etc can be discussed here
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Seaports General Knowledge around the World

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Questions and Answers about Seaports Over the World

Q. In which country Abadan port is located?
Ans. Abadan is located in Iran.

Q. Where is port Alexandria?
Ans. Alexandria is in Egypt.

Questions with answers you can easily remember in one sight.

• Antwerp port is located in Belgium.
• Aqaba port is in Jordan.
• Bandar Bushehr port is in Iran.
• Bristol a seaport is located in UK.
• Cardiff port is located in UK.
• Chalna port is in Bangladesh.
• Dammam is in Saudi Arabia.
• Glasgow is in UK.
• Darwin is the sea port of Australia.
• Dickson is the seaport of Malaysia.
• Hambrug is in Germany.
•Haifa is the seaport of Israel.
• Hochi Minh is in Vietnam.
• Hercourt Port is the 2nd largest port of Nigeria.
• Honolulu is in USA.
• Plymouth is located in UK
• Le Harve is located in France.
• Latakia is in Syria.
• Marseilles is in France.
• New Orleans is located in USA.
• Penang is in Malaysia.
• Phildelphia is in USA.
• Pondicherry is in India south of Chennai.
• Rio-de-Janeiro is in Brazil.
• Rotterdam is in Netherlands.
• Santos is known as the “Coffee Port” of the world.
• Said Port is in Egypt.
• Seattle sea pot is located in USA.
• Tartous is located in Syria.
• Tartus is the seaport of Syria.
• Valparaiso is in Chile.
• Yokohama is in Japan.
• Zadar is in Croatia.

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