Knowledge about all Oceans, Seas and lakes around World

General Knowledge about all over the World Relevant to Mountains,Rivers,Oceans,Deserts,Airlines,Nobel Prize etc can be discussed here
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Knowledge about all Oceans, Seas and lakes around World

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:idea: Knowledge about all Oceans, Seas and lakes around World :idea:

Q. What are the names of largest to smallest order wise Oceans in the World?
Ans. Largest ocean is pacific, 2nd largest is Atlantic, 3rd is Indian and the smallest one is Arctic.
Q. What are the names of largest to smallest Seas around the World?
Ans. Largest sea is South China Sea, then Caribbean Sea, then Mediterranean sea, Behring Sea Gulf of Mexico, Sea of Japan, Hudson Bay, East China Sea, Andaman Sea, then Black sea then Red sea and in the last Baltic sea.
Q. What is the popularity of Sea of Japan?
Ans. Sea of Japan is famous for its fishing area.
Q. How many seas are in the world?
Ans. There are 12 seas around the world.
Q. Where is Bermuda Triangle Located
Ans. Bermuda Triangle is located in Atlantic Ocean.
Q. Where is Diego Garcia located?
Ans. Diego Garcia is located in Indian Ocean.
Q. What is the Name of deepest place in Indian Ocean?
Ans. The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is Sunda Trench.
Q. In which countries Caspian Sea Located?
Ans. Caspian Sea is located in Iraq-Azerbaijan, Turkmensitan, Kazakhstan & Russia.
Q. What is the Name of largest salt water lake in the World>
Ans. Caspian Sea is the largest salt water lake in the world.
Q. Which countries have share with Caspian Sea?
Ans. Caspian Sea water is shared by Iran, Russia & Azerbaijan.
Q. Which sea is sometimes called the Euxine Sea?
Ans. Black Sea.
Q. What sea is directly north of Poland?
Ans. Baltic Sea.
Q. in which Sea Cyprus is located?
Ans. Cyprus is an island and is located in the Mediterranean Sea.
Q. What is the world’s largest sea area wise?
Ans. The world’s largest sea in area is South China.
Q. Where is Aral Sea Located?
Ans. Aral Sea is in Central Asia (Kazakhstan). Aral is also an inland sea.
Q. what is the name of warmest sea?
Ans. World's warmest sea is The Red Sea.
Q. where is Aegean Sea located?
Ans. Aegean Sea is located in Atlantic Ocean.
Q. which Sea is without a coastline?
Ans. The Sargasso Sea is without a coastline.
Q. which land is below sea level?
Ans. Nether land’s land is below sea level.
Q. what is the other name of Atlantic Ocean.
Ans. Atlantic Ocean is called the “Herring Pond”.

:arrow: Other miscellaneous questions with answers relevant to above topic

One liter of sea water contains 35 gm salt.
i. Hawaiian Islands are located in North Pacific Ocean.
ii. The Islands of Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean.
iii. Hox bay is in Arabian Sea.
iv. The Highest Lake above the Sea level in the World is Lake Titicaca.
v. Panama Canal is called Gateway to the Pacific.
vi. The world’s highest waterfall is located in Venezuela.
vii. The Words largest Shipping Canal is Suez Canal and is located in Egypt.
viii. Panama Canal links Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean.
ix. The Kiel Canal links North Sea and Baltic Sea.
x. The Gulf of Mexico is the largest gulf in the World.
xi. Victoria Falls in Africa are Located on river Zambezi.
xii. River Neil is the Longest River of the World.
xiii. Amazon River is the largest River of the World.
xiv. The highest waterfall of the World is Niagra Falls.
xv. Main hunting ground for blue Whales in Located in Arctic Ocean
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