Paper of Assistant Director Land Records Held on 09-March-14

Discussion and updates about Preparation and Syllabus including past papers of Assistant director Land records through PPSC.Previous paper of Assistant director Land Record in PPSC
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Paper of Assistant Director Land Records Held on 09-March-14

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Past Paper of Assistant Director Land Records Held on 09-March-14
Following is the Solved paper of Assistant Director land records held on 09 March 2014., Some of the questions may not be written in the same sentnse as was on paper. ADLR paper,adlr past paper
if some one find the qurestion is worngly written or needs improvement please comment


1. What is the Length of Pakistan and Afghanistan Boarder. Ans. 2252 km
2. The Number of Pakistan population wise: 6th
3. How many districts of Punjab: 36
4. First Non-British Governor of Punjab: Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
5. Which is also the component of Parliament except Senate and National Assembly: President
6. Total number of High Courts in Pakistan: 5
7. Command and Staff College at: Quetta
8. Total number of amendments in the constitution of 1973: 20
9. Most Important Mineral in Pakistan: Coal
10. Widely spoken language of Pakistan is: Punjabi
11. Masjid Mohabbat Khan: Peshawar
12. Herald
13. Doctrine of Lapse 1848: Lord Dalhouse
14. Florance Nightingle was famous for: Nursing
15. World War 1: 1914:1918
16. 4 July 1776 is the independence day of: USA
17. Which king buried in Kabul: Babur
18. Westminister Abbey: Church
19. Expected earth life: 1 Billion years
20. Mount Everest : Himalyas range
21. Tripol is the capital of: Libya
22. Taka is the currency of : Bnagladash
23. Canda is situated at: North America
24. League of Nation: Geneva
25. Which is not the organ of UNO: International Labor Organization
26. European Union: Brussels
27. Hanna Lake: Balochistan
28. Urban- Rural Ratio: 30:70
29. 38 Parallel separates: North and South Korea
30. 2nd largest ocean is: Atlantic Ocean
31. Dickinson was USA: Writer
32. Australia Discovered by: Captain Cook
33. Governor General of India after lord Mountbatten : Raja gopal achari
34. Before Independence Singapore was colony of: Malaysia
35. Pakistan share in global exports is: 1%
36. Assessment is Chapter numeber in PLR act... 7
37. Attachment of Land.... Section 75
38. Shareor portion of land held by one or more then one land owners... Holdings
39. 1st Muslim ruler of India: Qutub Din AAibk
40. Pablo Picasso was Spanish: Painter
41. Computerized record of Land... Section?? : 41
42. Which USA president in 20th century: John F. Kennedy
43. Study of Insects: Entomology
44. Most Populous city: Shanghai
45. After Karachi and Lahore largest city is: Faislabad
46. Which is not Kharif crop: Wheat
47. Henrry Kessinger worked as national security advisor under: Nixon & Gerald: Both
48. Which prize is given on 10th December every year? Nobel Prize
49. kitny type k revenue officer hoty he? 5
50. Sun is composed by: Hydrogen
51. UNO was established in : 1945
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