PMS 2014 Paper of Computer Science|PMS Past papers 2014

PMS Paper of Computer Science 2014 |PMS Past papers 2014, paper of Computer Science PMS Punjab 2014 was held on 1 December 2014, ATTEMPT ANY FIVE QUESTIONS, SELECT AT LEAST ONE, QUESTION FROM EACH SECTION. EACH QUESTION CARRIES EQUAL MARKS = 20


Q. No. 1 Briefly explain the history of computer system and basic machine organisation.
Q. No. 2 Give an overview of Operating system, Compiler and Computer Networks.
Q. No. 3. Discuss fundamental programming constructs. What are data types, control structures, functions and arrays, records and files?


Q. No. 4 Explain analog and digital transmission techniques. What is noise?

Q. No. 5 Discuss the implementation of TCP/IP protocols at different layers.

Q. No. 6 Discuss the designing and implementation of Full Address and Full subtract computational logics


Q. No. 7 Explain the role of Operating system in scheduling, dispatch and memory management.

Q. No. 8 Write down short note on any two of the following:

1- Sorting Algorithms – Bubble sort and Heap sort
2- hasing
3- Stacks and Queues
4- Evolution of multi-user systems.

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